How to Use a CTA (Call to Action) in a Marketing Video

Uncover the art of using a Call To Action (CTA) to transform your marketing videos into powerful lead generation tools. Learn to craft compelling CTAs that align with your marketing strategy and inspire viewer engagement, leading to measurable business outcomes.
CallToAction for VideoMarketing video

The Call to Action (CTA) is an essential component of your marketing video. You might have an exceptional marketing or explainer video, yet without a compelling CTA, the video’s potential might be underutilized.

New video marketing research shows that adding CTA increases video conversion rates by 152 percent. Continue reading to find out how to guarantee your marketing video contains an outstanding CTA.

How Does a  CTA in a Video Help Generate More Leads?

Sales Funnel

A Call to Action can be applied in a variety of manners.

It can serve as a prompt for the final action, such as linking to a purchase, claiming a free trial, or other direct actions. It can also guide the viewer to obtain more information or visit a product page, where they can find additional details about the product and advance further down the sales funnel. This approach allows you to steer them toward links or buttons on the page.

Both these strategies are effective, although one may yield better results based on your marketing approach.

What implications does this have?

using Call To Action in Video Marketing

These objectives entail the viewer discovering something intriguing or valuable in your content. This means that viewers will only proceed with your video if it offers them some value.

It’s crucial that if a viewer finds something appealing, they should know exactly how to access it. Consider having a fantastic restaurant in London. You advertise daily, emphasizing its excellence, yet without providing further details.

People are drawn to your ads and wish to visit due to the appealing food. However, they are unsure about how to get in touch with you, make a reservation, or locate your establishment.

Within a marketing video, you are setting up your viewers, stirring emotions, generating demand, and urging them to desire your product.

That’s why it’s necessary to inform the audience about what steps to take after they finish watching your video. If not, you’re merely squandering time and resources.

Two Essential Elements of CTA

A/B Testing Marketing Videos

A compelling Call To Action should incorporate two elements: emotional and informational.

Viewers should feel inspired to act, and they should clearly understand how to perform the action you’re asking for.

This means crafting an explainer video with an appropriate concept and a targeted message that addresses your audience’s concerns and inspires them to act.

Features of a Good Call To Action

It aligns with your marketing strategy; It complements your brand; It inspires the viewer; It’s clear; It’s brief and to the point; It targets your specific audience;

Examples of Calls To Action

examples of using Call To Action in Marketing Video

Website visit. You can guide viewers to your homepage, landing page, or specific product page. Dialing a number. This is a classic technique, remembered from TV ads in the pre-internet era, and it remains influential to this day. Registration. This is an excellent approach. You’re gathering emails to engage potential customers in your sales funnel. Contact Us. This is another helpful method for attracting people to your funnel. Scheduling a demo. Prospective customers appreciate trying products and services before spending money or making a commitment. If your product lends itself to demonstrations, this could be a perfect choice. Try for free. Much like a demo, this is a compelling CTA. Discover more/Learn more. This is another compelling CTA for products or services that might provoke buyer hesitation (due to high cost, unfamiliarity, complexity, and so on).

Creating a Call to Action for Video

Your call to action should align with your marketing strategy. This implies you need to define the role of your video within your plan and craft your CTA accordingly.

If your product is available on your website or if your video needs to explain features that can’t all be included in the video itself, the Call to Action should direct viewers to your site or a specific page for more comprehensive information.

Ultimately, the CTA should embody the main aim and strategy of the video, tailored to the specific stage of the sales/marketing funnel the video is intended for. To get a deeper understanding of creating a CTA, you can watch the video below:

Crafting an Effective CTA for Each Funnel Stage

role of Call To Action in Sales Funnel

The aspect video creators occasionally overlook is the relevance of the CTA to the funnel stage. If your video serves to explain the key concept or to disseminate information, your CTA should propel people to the next stage of your funnel.

For instance, if your video is merely informative, addressing viewers’ pain points and suggesting solutions, your CTA should transition them to the subsequent stage of your funnel.

Refrain from using your CTA to push sales if the video is positioned too early in the funnel to press for closure. If your video’s purpose is conversion, then you can incorporate a CTA that asks for a demo, prompts a purchase, or encourages other action.

This video targets prospects in the early “awareness” stage of the funnel and propels them to the next stage: “interest & consideration.”

In this case, the best call to action would be “learn more on the website.”

Incorporating Call to Action Into Your Video

Incorporating Call To Action into Marketing Video

The inclusion of a call to action in your video depends on the video type and when you choose to introduce the CTA.

If your video is lengthy and informative, like those found on YouTube, where you explain your app’s features and want to provide more information, you might choose to have the CTA appear in one of the screen corners.

If it’s an explainer video or a similar business video, we recommend introducing the CTA at the end, prominently displayed in the center of the screen.

How to add a Call-To-Action Button in a Video

Numerous superior video hosting services provide tools for integrating a button equipped with hyperlinks. Additionally, these services allow you to track crucial metrics such as button click count, demographic data, and other relevant analytics.

Services like Vimeo, Wistia, and Vidyard offer such tools, or you can use a search engine to find the service best suited to your needs. Below, you can see an example of a CTA button on YouTube.

CTA video button

Employing Various CTA for a Single Video

Lead Generation in Video Marketing with Call To Action

This is an overlooked yet cost-effective strategy. While creating your video, thoughtfully design your call to action, taking into account the following:

Various situations and platforms where you can use your video.Different CTAs for each of these.

For instance, you can use your video on your website and social media. Naturally, the CTAs for these different platforms should vary. In one case, you may direct people to your website; in the other, you may encourage them to contact or follow you on social media.

Additionally, you can utilize different wording for your CTAs, such as “Visit our website for more”I” formation,” Lea”n more,” or “Place an order on”our website.”

The advantage of having multiple CTAs is that the voiceover artist can record them for a reasonable add-on price, and the company’s additional charges will also be minimal. You might spend more, but you’ll have a variety of CTAs ready for different scenarios and for testing their effectiveness.

Determining the Effectiveness of Your CTA

There are two primary indicators to measure:

The number of people from YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE (crucially important) who have viewed your video.The number of people who followed through with the action you prompted.

Ensure your target audience views your video and tracks their engagement. However, to ascertain this, you’ll need to conduct tests.

Distinction Between Viewer Liking and Action-Taking

CallToAction in Content Strategy

This aspect of digital video is intriguing yet can be slightly perplexing. Here, marketers or business proprietors often err. Even if your business video is engaging and adored by viewers, this does not ensure that these viewers will take action.

A video can be entertaining, humorous, and widely popular, getting shared millions of times. Yet, viral content is typically disseminated indiscriminately, reaching many who are not your target buyers.

Consequently, while your video may be pervasive, sales may not noticeably increase. A viewer liking your video does not equate to them taking action. It’s crucial to measure your video’s engagement rate accurately.

Utilizing A/B Testing to Test CTAyou’re prepared to test your Calls to Action. Upload your videos to hosting services that provide analytics-tracking capabilities.

Carefully understand the analytics dashboard. Specific CTAs may perform better for certain demographic or geographic groups. Identify which CTA is compelling for which group.

For instance, a specific CTA may be successful with women aged 25, while another may resonate with men aged 50. This is vital because, in some places (like Facebook ads), you can target specific audiences and discover a variety of potential customers.


You may have the most compelling marketing or explainer video globally, but without a robyou’ reA, you’re wasting time and resources.

However, with a carefully selected CTA, your chance for success is significantly enhanced!


Video storytelling empowers brands to engage with customers uniquely. By crafting narratives that resonate with the audience, brands can inspire action and improve lives. With innovative features like video shopping, brands can offer immersive and engaging shopping experiences, leading to higher conversions. Embrace the power of video storytelling to unlock the full potential of your brand.

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