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As a member of the vortex.video team, I have a wide range of experience in working with video, so I created this article to help you with your needs.

Below you will find 10 tips for Creating Awesome Social Media Videos that will help you achieve your goals in the future.

Establish A Strategy

Before delving into content creation, devise a strategy for your social media videos. Knowing how to create a brief, effective video is a skill every brand should possess.

Your strategy should encompass audience research, competitor analysis, creativity, content scheduling, budgeting, and task allocation. These elements will assist in producing videos that are instrumental in achieving a triumphant campaign.

If you still need help with your strategy, you can reserve a free consultancy strategy call to vortex.video where we can discuss your video editing needs and provide recommendations on the best approach for your project.

Make it short and sweet

It’s rare for people to dedicate more than 15 to 20 minutes to watching videos on social media. Therefore, keep your videos concise, engaging, and valuable.

This involves eliminating unnecessary segments and focusing on the most relevant and stimulating content. Videos should captivate attention, convey a message, and prompt action within a limited time frame.

If your topic requires an in-depth explanation, consider breaking it down into more digestible segments. Creating a series that delves into different aspects can be more beneficial than cramming everything into a lengthy video.

Hook Your Audience Immediately

Given that people’s concentration spans last approximately eight seconds, it’s vital to engage your viewers instantly. The initial seconds of your video can make or break viewer engagement.

Begin with provocative questions, compelling hooks, inspirational quotes, striking visuals, or appealing music. Introduce your logo, brand name, tagline, or the product/service you aim to promote early on so viewers can instantly identify your brand and understand your message. Your introduction should pique curiosity and encourage continued viewership.

Use closecaptions

Considering the global reach of social media, ensure that your content is accessible to non-native speakers and those with hearing impairments by incorporating subtitles.

Moreover, since most social media platforms autoplay videos without sound, subtitles allow your message to be conveyed whether the video is muted or not. Furthermore, they cater to viewers who prefer watching videos silently while multitasking.

Utilize Natural Light

Proper lighting can significantly enhance the quality of your videos. Utilizing natural light is a cost-effective method of achieving this. When indoors, shoot near a window or door that allows ample light. Alternatively, consider shooting outdoors.

Understanding the best times to shoot is crucial. The Golden Hour, just before sunset, creates beautiful hues and softer shadows. The Blue Hour, shortly after sunset or before sunrise, provides a cool tone and tranquil ambiance. Even overcast weather can offer soft and evenly distributed light for outdoor shoots.

Consider Investing in an External Microphone

Sound quality is as important as visual quality in video production. Using an external microphone, rather than relying solely on your device’s built-in mic, can greatly improve the audio quality of your videos.

Optimize and Track Your Performance

Adjust your content to fit the specifications of each social media platform. Simultaneously it is important to monitor your campaigns, evaluate key metrics, and refine your content based on these insights. This ensures effective audience reach and engagement across all platforms.

Use Licensed Music

Music can be a powerful tool in capturing attention and setting the mood of your videos. However, ensure that the music you use is properly licensed to avoid copyright issues. Music licensing can be complex and costly. Consider using music under Public Domain, Creative Commons License, or from stock music libraries.

Prioritize Storytelling

Maintaining audience engagement is paramount, and compelling storytelling is key. Your videos should be aesthetically pleasing and valuable, with a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience on an emotional level.

Encourage Action

End your videos with a call-to-action (CTA) that guides viewers on their next step. A well-crafted CTA should be relevant to your campaign goals and business objectives without being overly salesy.

Harnessing the potential of social media videos can significantly boost business results and audience engagement. These 10 tips should help elevate your campaigns and maximize your brand’s digital footprint.

As a bonus for you we prepared answers for most popular questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to create social media videos?

Creating social media videos typically requires equipment such as a camera, tripod, microphone, editing software, and lighting.

What types of videos are successful on social media?

Viewers are drawn to videos that are entertaining, informative, and visually striking. High-quality production, compelling storytelling, and featuring popular personalities can also boost viewership.

What makes a video trending?

A video trends when it receives a high number of views, shares, likes, and comments across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. High-quality, entertaining, and culturally relevant content can contribute to a video’s trending status.


Creating engaging social media videos is a potent way to captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Implementing these tips can help you craft videos that entertain, inform, and resonate with your viewers.

In this Instagram and TikTok age, the power of video is unrivaled. What story will your next video tell?

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